Saturday, December 20, 2008

True Confessions and Dreamscapes!

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep at all, no, noooo! The sleeping pill I took, was just a waste of time . . . (Who the heck sang that song anyway?)

Let me explain. This last summer, I started taking various prescriptions for various ailments. One of those drugs, we're not sure which, gives me the most horrid restless legs on some nights and I cannot sleep. At all! So my doctor gave me some little pills to use as needed. But everything has a side effect, and this bitter pill gives me the WILDEST dreams!

Last night was one of those nights. I had a heck of a time getting the pill in my mouth. Long story short, I accidentally dropped it into the ice-maker storage bin in the freezer. Don't even ask! So the bin had to be completely emptied at midnight so some unsuspecting person wouldn't happen upon a bonus psychedelic experience. But I'll cut to the chase. Last night's dream was particularly interesting.

Remember the 'award' trip my husband and I took last December associated with his job? If not, click on this link. Anyway, in this dream, we were back in that hazing/hell environment. This year's 'award' was once again a trip to Mexico, and the hazing consisted of three days of rock-climbing in a mountain canyon. (Last year's was the zipline from hell experience.) In the dream, I made it through the first two days of rock-climbing -- which is utterly hilarious because my body is NOT built for rock-climbing (way too bottom heavy!). Anyway, on the third day, they helicoptered us onto a mountain cliff. The trip to the bottom for that day's rock climb involved diving off the cliff with a bungee cord attached. Long story short, I told the boss from hell to bleep off and was back on the helicopter and whisked back to the beach. Tee hee. Craig stayed like a real trooper. In the dream, I sat on the beach watching all the people emerge from an exit door that led directly from the canyon to the beach.

Like a lot of my 'wild' dreams, I woke up and thought -- thank God that was just a dream. Then I dozed back off and was right back in the dream from hell again. By the way, the wild animals from the Isla nativity scene post (lions, elephants, bunnies, and turkeys) were running around at the bottom of that mountain canyon greeting the bungee jumpers. I told you it was a WILD dream!

Oh the joys of modern pharmaceuticals! Whatever happened to Sominex? Take Sominex tonight and sleep. Safe and restful -- sleep, sleep, sleep.

Speaking of bungee jumping in the tropics!


Vee said...

Glad it was just a dream, Beck. The nativity animals running around is funny. I have a recurring dream that I'm on Isla, it's time to go home, and I don't have my passport. What could it mean? Don't think that's too hard to figure out!

Moongrl722 said...

Wow! That bungee jumping looks like it would really hurt. I hope you have better rest tonight and dream of soft, rythmic waves on a warm, white beach.

Isn't it strange in you dreams how you never feel like you can just say something like "Stop the bus! I am not rock climbing! Are you outta your mind?!?!".

Islagringo said...

It was Marilyn McCoo from the Fifth Dimension. I believe it was titled "Last Night (i couldn't get to sleep)"

Isla Deb said...

I can relate, Beck. I've had some crazy dreams lately and when I wake up, I thank God that it was just a dream! You'd think that our "down time" would be more relaxing rather than being stressful!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Vee, I still have the dream where I'm in class and I forgot to do my homework (only the twist is I also forgot to put any clothes on). Moonie, the bungee jumpers are insane. Their heads hit the ground each time, so they obviously miscalculated the length of the vines! Glad I wasn't born there! Wayne, thanks! I could not think of that name, and I used to know all the words! Deb, the best 'down time' I ever had was when I was waking up from knee surgery. I had about 5 minutes of calm drugged bliss before I realized something down there was THROBBING! :)

IslaZina said...

That dream was so great I am on the verge of saying you might have embellished a bit! How come I can never remember the really vivid dreams I have? Just the ones were I read email?

Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, I swear to God, the dream has no embellishment! Over the years, I've discovered I'm extremely sensitive to drugs. When I lived in the Seattle area, I had a horrible bout with TMJ. My dentist gave me Valium. It worked great on the TMJ, but one night I actually hallucinated one of those baby mobiles above the bed that had psychedelic colors and real monkeys on it. That was the LAST time I took those pills!