Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visit to the Shady Dell

We explored every nook and cranny in Bisbee this trip and discovered a side of town we never knew existed before. In the process of driving around, we found the Shady Dell, that retro trailer court I'd read about when I was hunting a place to stay. Unfortunately, it was closed up tighter than a tick, so I didn't get to peek inside the trailers. I'm guessing the owners were on vacation.

Love this sign designed to mimic a vintage postcard!

Dot's Diner was on my list of Bisbee restaurants to try, but it was also closed. Maybe next trip!

I wonder if my Bug could pull one of these cute little retro trailers? Don't think so. One of these would be a fun way to travel around the country. If only it had its own deluxe bathroom!


Katalina said...

Oh Lord love a duck, is that ever cute! I would LOVE to try that diner!

Life's a Beach! said...

Katalina, I would like to have one of those old trailers to travel round the country! (But I'd need a bathroom in it!)