Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Vintage Cars

I've said it before, but the Southwest has more old cars littering the landscape than anyplace else we've traveled. Some are just abandoned on properties alongside the highways, but all of these except the old black hearse appear to be street ready. I photographed these on our trip to Bisbee earlier in August.

By the way, I can't believe it's August 27! It's the time of year when I start getting excited because I see the light at the end of the fiery hot tunnel! I'm dreaming of cool evenings and mornings!

This old hearse was being used as a prop for a souvenir shop.

I'm guessing this car's a collector's since no one keeps a cab that shiny!

Since this one was parked in a downtown parking lot, it's still in use. Probably comes in mighty handy in them thar hills.

La Bomba's been around for a few years. I took a photo of it back in 2007.

Here's my favorite -- the rusty blue truck! Blue's my favorite color!


Diane said...

What a small world! I found your blog because of the Isla Sunday Morning post.... and I scroll down to see the yellow taxi parked in Bisbee AZ where I live :) Now that is funny!

We'll be headed to Isla for October and November. I have a feeling we're going to love it.

Great blog!

Life's a Beach! said...

You live in Bisbee! Lucky you! I think you'll love Isla! You'll be there for Day of the Dead, one of my favorite times of year. I'm glad you found my blog!

Dante Mallet said...

The cab is the best-looking one of them all. It's not the well-maintained and shiny look. That color just feels so compatible with the vehicle and the surroundings. A bright place for a bright car.

Tari Ledsome said...

Even though age and rust have worn down the surfaces of some of those cars, they still look nice. A bit of work can make those cars shine, but they're fine as they are. The aging of such vintage vehicles can be appreciated.

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