Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The House of Art

This abode stands directly across from the dog bark fence in Bisbee, so I'm guessing the same artist could be at work? It's very interesting, but I need a translator. It's definitely a statement about the two sexes, perhaps some modern day takeoff on Adam and Eve? (You've got the nude female and one side and the male on the other with the garden flower in between.)

This female is obviously not allowed to speak.

While this princess seems to be caged.

And our Eve looks like she's given birth to a litter.


And Adam has skulls (symbols of death?) at his feet. Actually, I'm now looking at this male and noticing a crown of C.D.'s (crown of thorns?) on his head. Could he represent Jesus?

Interesting, but what the heck!


Jana said...

Oh, I could write an entire essay on it (just making stuff up), which is exactly how I got thru all of those Art History classes!! But, I'll just say FABULOUS WEIRD! Love it!

Ann said...

I think there would be ordinances prohibiting something like this here in staid New England!

jeanie said...

LOL @Ann. I agree but then again I'm British and we don't do naked. Some of it is beautiful though. Some is a little creepy and the naked stuff is kinda embarrassing. I agree Beck. What the heck is that?

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the artist's interpretation!


Life's a Beach! said...

I'd love to hear the explanation for all of it too! Bisbee's avant-garde liberal artists seem to coexist alongside the working class miners and gun-toting ranchers. We sat in our room one night and watched a girl roll a joint and smoke it right in the middle of town. Sheriff Joe would have had her in a little pink jumpsuit soooooooo fast. LOL