Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bisbee Walkabout

We love our morning walks in Bisbee. Number one -- the route is up and down hills at a higher elevation, so it's great exercise. Number two -- it's reasonably cool, unlike Phoenix this time of year. And last but not least, there's something unusual to look at around every corner!

We catch a great view over the town as we make our way up the hill.

A naked lady in the window!

Beer cap mosaic design on this door. (Now I know what to do with those caps that someone keeps flipping into my silverware drawer.)

I multi-task, shopping while we walk. These bolsas were $4.00. Sold!

Wall murals all over town!

Okay, this piece of art is amazing! The Hillary car. This person is obviously a fan!

The international sign for don't pee on my wall?

And what a sight! A woman was walking her pet goats to town. They stopped to munch on roadside greens while she waited patiently.

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Ann said...

Great photos as usual! Love all the murals...and the goats!