Saturday, August 13, 2011

San Sebastion Review

Since I'm without laptop and my photo files for awhile (the latest update says I'll get my machine back on August 23?), I'm going to give one of these slideshows another whirl. I know the format doesn't work for people who have Macs, but maybe someone will be able to access it? We'll see!

Craig and I loved this little daytrip to San Sebastion del Oeste. The drive into the mountainous countryside was amazing. When Gustavo finally got us all the way up that cobblestone road to the town (talk about hard on cars!), the village was like nothing else we'd seen in Mexico.

Back to the slideshow! Hope it works!

San Sebastion Travels Slideshow: Becky’s trip to San Sebastion del Oeste, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta), Pacific Coast, Mexico was created by TripAdvisor. See another Puerto Vallarta slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

P.S. If the screen is just showing black, try clicking on this link. For some reason, Trip Wow slideshows don't like Blogger!


Ann said...

I had no problems viewing the slideshow! Great photos!

Life's a Beach! said...

Good Ann! I went back and retrieved a link to it just in case.

drgeo said...

I can view the slideshow on my Mac because I can add a separate Adobe Flash player program. It's the iPad and iPod that can't see Flash because Apple and Adobe disagree about the wonders of Flash versus H.264 Its a hardship to leave my comfy recliner for a desktop, but I'll manage somehow.

So Craig was a "co-star" eh? I think he should hold out for better billing next time. Maybe co-executive producer? Choreographer? Key grip?

Life's a Beach! said...

Dr. George, the other man is Gustavo. Can't remember his last name now, but we rode all the way from Bucerias to San Sebastion and back in his old Ford Explorer with the squeaky brakes. Gustavo said it was just dust on the brake pads? Ha! He also took us from Bucerias an hour south to a little town where we caught a water taxi to Yelapa. He spoke perfect English because he and his wife had worked at a country club in Palm Springs frequented by Gerald Ford, George Schultz, and a lot of other well known people. He was an interesting guy!

jeanie said...

Beautiful Beck. I chuckled when I saw the two sisters.

Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanie, I'd love to have an update on the two sisters. I hope they're still alive and well.