Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cottages and Flowers

The latest update on my laptop shows it will arrive on Tuesday, so I'm excited about that! We switched to a faster internet connect, and I did a bunch of updates and disabled some toolbar items on the Samsung netbook that I rarely use, so it's now quite speedy! I'm glad I finally figured out the problems since I've had it for 8 months.

I've decided the place to buy laptops is Costco since their two year warranty is paying for my current HP laptop repair and a new battery at no charge. The laptop was still functional, but I decided to get it in tip-top condition before the warranty expires in November. Hopefully, this will extend its life for another two years. That's probably wishful thinking!

I found a few Bisbee files that hadn't been transferred to my laptop yet, so here are some more photos from our morning walks.

I liked this woman's pots. She appeared out of nowhere to find out where we were staying and give us a brochure for the room she rents.

I love the exterior colors on this cottage and the yellow adirondack chairs!

Pink and green cottage! When I was a child, other kids were allowed to pinch you if you wore pink and green. What the heck!

More shades of pink and green. Love the artifacts that hang on the walls!

Unlike the hot dry Phoenix area, Bisbee is in bloom! Love these sunflowers.


Ann said...

Wow! Very colorful! That pink & green is very preppy -lots of that around here--though not in homes!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, the houses in our neighborhood are all earthtones. Something about HOA rules. HA!