Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leaving Suburbia

We took a left turn out of suburbia and Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore! I literally woke up dizzy Monday morning and staggered through the morning routine to the car, but road trips wait for no man! By the time we hit Benson, Arizona and rolled into the Safeway parking lot for a Starbuck's, Craig yelled, Where's your camera!

I always miss the good photos. There she was -- the one that got away. A very large motorcycle mama with plaid beer advertising pants and tattoos blanketing her arms from shoulders to wrists. Craig evidently thinks I have a death wish? A few more miles down the road and a frappe later, Craig whipped a U so I could get a snapshot of Digger's hearse.

We spent the rest of the day on the restaurant/bar tour of Bisbee, catching up with friends who sailed away from Washington State in 1999 on a large wooden sailboat bound for the Pacific side of Mexico. They spent four years touring from one port to the next until they landed in Southern Arizona in 2003. We've been in Arizona five years now, so it's about time we caught up!

Here are some of the day's photos that didn't get away!

My dizziness blew in with a large dust storm on Sunday night. I think Craig will probably wake up dizzy today. I wonder why? Tee hee.

Stay tuned!


Ann said...

I always love to read about your adventures...makes my life seem pretty mundane! I took my camera to a gathering last night & the battery gave out after about 5 shots!

drgeo said...

Wait, your pals sailed to Mexico and then to Arizona? Those portages must have been a doozy! Sounds suspiciously like beer may have been involved in that story. Hope the dizzies depart.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, Craig says the blog just makes our boring life sound adventurous. Bisbee's a photographer's wonderland. You'd love it!

drgeo, our pals actually sailed right up the Sea of Cortez, moored the boat at San Carlos, then drove the rest of the way. They found their homesite by way of other sailing pals who'd built homes in the same area. Since then, they've sold the boat because leaving it in San Carlos became an expensive problem. Bisbee's a mile high (poor man's Denver?), so the altitude isn't helping. I'm less wobbly today, but I now have an altitude headache!

Isla Deb said...

Looks like a fun day. And I've had my fair share of the "ones that got away" as well.