Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Simple!

I posted a version of the photo below on an Isla Facebook page a few months ago just with the intention of sharing a sunset. About a month later, I noticed it had been nominated along with others for profile photo of the website. I was shocked at that fact, and also shocked at the reaction.

In my perception, it was just another gorgeous Isla sunset, the end to a tropical day, and the start of a fun evening with friends. While I simply saw the sunset, others focused on the sailboat in the foreground that they assumed to be a daytripper boat. And they were offended that the photo could possibly be used to represent Isla. Very interesting! And that led me to ponder how differently people can perceive the same photos and situations.

For instance, when I took this photo, I was simply looking at the bridge -- the wooden planks and the couple strolling across. Others might see the photo as the entrance to the Avalon, a place for some that signifies the onset of timeshare sharks and the beginning of the development wave.

In other words, I see scenes simplistically. It's a rustic garden gate. I do admit to wondering where the path beyond it leads.

I'm hoping that this simple view of life doesn't mean I'm simple-minded! Here's the car ferry headed from Punta Sam at dusk. No choking diesel fumes or sinister line of traffic, just a simple water scene.

Now I do admit to being puzzled by this set of twin round stone palapas and fancy gate. Is it the grand entrance to a new palatial estate on Isla? Security guardhouses for some type of new condo compound? Two large bird cages at the entrance to a new zoo? I guess I'll have to wait and check out the progress in January unless some reader can fill me in now.

No question about this photo. It's the simple sign on my favorite fruit stand in La Gloria. They have large containers of cut up fruit, salads, sandwiches, and juice to go.

Simply aloe vera!

I took this photo because of the pink and red paint! I have no clue what this place is. A friend once told me that locals sometimes paint their homes with leftovers from other projects, so when I see brightly colored humble casas, I try to match them to other freshly painted structures on the island.

A little grocery tienda. Notice the simple little bench out front supported by two concrete blocks?

And finally, simple conchs in a palm pot on a simple blue deck. Ahhhhhhhhh.


jeanie said...

They are all lovely Beck. I love the way you SEE things.

Jane said...

My daughter's first impressions of Isla are sweet and still preserved in journals assigned by her third and fourth grade teachers (1990-91). Particularly enjoyed her misspelling of "Fairy boat" which I saw more as "The African Queen." No fast ferries then. Just an old wooden barge that smoked.
Everyone on board was happy the night I said "I packed a flashlight," after we missed the last ferry and our water taxi ran out of gas. This was before anyone had heard of a cell phone.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Jeanie! And Jane, I love hearing your stories about the old Isla! I can just picture this blonde American out in the middle of the bay in a panga shining a flashlight!

Vee said...

Daytrippers leaving at sunset is a GOOD thing about Isla. Geez!

Island Nana said...

As the "offended" one (sorry a knee-jerk reaction), let me say that I love your photos and I wish you would publish your laundry ones. They're good enough to mat and frame for my office.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Judy. Actually, I think others were also offended. But it made me think a little bit, and that's never a bad thing! HA!

Linda said...

"In other words, I see scenes simplistically. It's a rustic garden gate. I do admit to wondering where the path beyond it leads."

I wonder why they put that small piece of refrigerator shelf into the gate. Obviously it won't keep any critter in OR out! Jejeje!!!