Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miami, Arizona

(Not to be confused with Miami, Florida.)

We stopped in Miami, Arizona on our trip last week. Miami, like Globe, is a copper mining town trying to make the conversion from a blighted deserted Main Street to an antique/art destination. Unfortunately, few of the shops were open on Thursday and Miami looked more like a ghost town.

A strong smell of pesticide hung in the air that reminded me of chasing the DDT spewing mosquito fogger on my bike during childhood. A shop owner said he thought the sewers were being fumigated. Kids' screams and laughter echoed through the deserted streets. Craig wondered if the kids were watching rats run out of the sewers, but we didn't follow the noise to investigate since we were already choking on the fumes.

I noticed the copper mine pit from the road as we were headed into Miami.

The stream that runs through the downtown area was dried up, but I like the fall colors and bridges.

Old green door.

Elvis strumming his guitar behind bars.

I'd like to come back when this shop's open.

Miami's planters in the downtown area are painted with kitty cats.

These kitties resemble petroglyphs.

More closed shops. Maybe next trip!


drgeo said...

Do they give away free pennies at the copper mine town?

Life's a Beach! said...

No pennies drgeo, but I got a free rock with copper in it!