Saturday, November 27, 2010

Having Fun!

We're still here in Bucerias! I'm having connectivity problems and trouble uploading photos on Blogger, but I'll try once more. We've been taking long morning beachwalks and finding quite a bit of seaglass in one spot. We're also eating way too much food, most of it very good. Last night we picked a booger in the garden of the culinary world. I hate it when that happens! So we've vowed not to be lured into eating at places unless we've heard good things about them.

Today, we took the local green bus up the highway to Sayulita. That was an interesting experience with the brakes squealing all the way up and down the steep dangerous curves. We kept noticing roadside shrines. Craig said they were in memorium to people killed in bus crashes. He's such a smart ass!

Sayulita's a surfer dude town with a laidback cool vibe. Lots of Rasta's, a distinct smell of mota drifting in the air, expensive boutiques, and surfboards, yet it has a town square that reminds me of the way Isla's used to be. I'll post photos later when I have time to load them onto my computer.

On the way back at 5:00 p.m., the bus was standing room only. We were the only gringos on the bus since most people were headed home from work or into Bucerias or Vallarta for a Saturday night out. The guy standing in the aisle by my seat was wearing copious amounts of cheap cologne for his night on the town. But what the heck! The ride was 48 pesos roundtrip for both of us! I came home and showered out my nasal passages and am doing fine now!

Tomorrow, we are headed to San Sebastion with Gustavo, the owner of the sweet shop around the corner. San Sebastion's a historic mountain mining town, so I'm anxious to take plenty of photos! We'll also be touring a tequila distillery, coffee plantation, an old hacienda, local museum, and viewing scenery along the way. Gustavo was also our waiter tonight at the Italian restaurant down the street. He's a busy guy!

Right now, they're shooting large fireworks displays over the bay to the south and to the north of us, almost like a duel. What the heck! There's a fire dancer in the street below, and the geckos in the palapa roof over the living area are chirping and tapping away.

We know we're in Mexico!

Love this planter!

One of the palapa bars that line the Bucerias beach.

These spiny fish wash up on the beach here. Craig keeps an eye out for them since I'm looking for seaglass and not watching where I'm going!

Wall mural in the mercado by the kissing bridge. I have to add, the footbridge and mercado are right at the end of our street, so we're in a fun location!


Ann said...

Sounds like you're having a great time!

drgeo said...

Oh good, now I know the kind of cologne to send Craig for Xmas! Perhaps the liter fun size?

Vee said...

Sayulita is on my destination wish list, Becky, along with the two other places you're visiting. Thanks for the updates. I'm catching up on your adventures.

Anonymous said...

Very good stuff..