Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Roadtrip -- The Trailer!

Since Craig had the day off, we decided life's too short to sit at home.

We pulled the family bus out of the driveway and headed up the road

to Arizona high country to take in some roadside sites.

We checked out the shops,

admired the fall decor and colors,

and even stopped to pet the billy goat along the way.

We remembered those who fought to protect our country.

And stopped for some great road food!

Authentic chicken enchiladas at Los Roberto's in Globe!

Stay tuned! More to come.


Ann said...

Great photos--love the goat! And the food looks yummy.

drgeo said...

Grasshopper, family bus needs to wax-on, wax-off!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, the food doesn't look all that good in the photo, but it was fantastic. And the place looked like a typical Mexican loncheria with tables of Mexican workers having lunch.

drgeo, LOL! Now you know why we've been having so much car trouble. : )