Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Michael got home from Palm Springs yesterday, and he's my errand boy today. He walked Saby and ran to the drugstore and bought me some drugs and vitamins! He's very concerned that he'll get what I have, but admits that he thinks I got it from him! I'd forgotten, but he stayed home a day last week with a bad cough before he left town. But I was already aching by then, so who knows!

He came home bearing gifts. A new pair of shoes for me! Actually, I'd ordered the shoes online and they were way too big, so he took the shoes with him and exchanged them at one of the stores. These Mary Janes are called the Belize, so I wonder if that means our next tropical destination should be Belize? Ecco has this saying -- Where will your Ecco shoes take you this week? My Yucatans recently took me to the Yucatan (and they came home pretty smelly!), so I think my new Belize should take me to Ambergris Caye! Actually, I've told Craig we can go to Ambergris together, then I'll make my way back to Isla for a couple of weeks! HA!

And speaking of shoes, last week a woman Craig works with gave us the tiniest little pair of Delft clogs taped to the front of her Christmas card. She'd just come back from her travels bearing gifts. Are they cute or what? I think I need a little clogger doll to wear them!


jeanie said...

I love your new shoes! I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll find just the right clogger doll for those shoes on one of your antiquing excursions! ;-)

Isla Chica

Isla Deb said...

Those little clogs and definitely cute. And so are your shoes!

Isla Deb said...

I meant "are" definitely cute. (Don't you just hate it when you mispell something in a comment?!?)