Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Don't See This at Home!

When I'm on Isla, I get up every morning and take a walk. And I often take a stroll down along the docks at sunset. Walks are the highlights of my day because of all the interesting things I see! It's obviously a different culture from the white bread neighborhood where I live here in Arizona. I took my normal walk here at home yesterday morning and was just thinking about how boring it is. Same old, same old. Green grass, lakes, ducks, perfect sidewalks, perfect landscaping -- a suburban utopia. But boring to my eyes now! Can you tell my heart's tugging me in another direction!

Some people like everything pristine and perfect, but funky has grown on me. On the plane ride back to Phoenix, the young couple next to me struck up a conversation. She loved Mexico, but her boyfriend said what he doesn't like about vacationing in Mexico is that he wants to vacation someplace nicer than where he lives. In other words, he wants to be in the total lap of luxury and not see how the locals live. I told him I'm just the opposite. I want to experience a different culture and don't really care if my lodging and surroundings are as nice as my home. Different strokes for different folks. I didn't express it to him, but he'd probably be better off skipping immigration and staying in the U.S. at a 5 star in Florida.

On Isla, my eyes take in scenes that I would never see at home, and I love that!

My HOA would have a heyday with this one!

I wish I could end every day this way! Total peace!

I wish I could stroll down the street in the morning and just drop off my laundry. (Of course, Tim Pho shrinks a lot of it, so maybe that wouldn't be a good idea!)

Wouldn't it be great to pop down to the end of the block in the evening and get what you wanted!

Looking up Juarez in the early morning. Look at the colors!

No Pescado Frito in my neighborhood! And look at the electrical wires!

I'm waiting for the Cuban dancers to come to Chandler.

Water and boats! The highlight of my morning walks down Medina!

This same woman's been calling out E-e-e-e-lo-tes ever since I've been coming to Isla.

Did someone have a street fiesta?

Okay, you won't see this at your local Safeway!

Another perfect way to end your day. Loop out south on the malecon and circle back down Medina to view the sunset! Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Fishing crew bringing in the catch!

Evidently, the taxi drivers had something special on November 1 that I missed!

Saby's giving me the look, so I'd better end this post, bundle up in layers, and head out on the morning walk. Who knows, maybe I'll see one of the Mexican catering vans and they'll honk their horn! That'd add a little bit of local color!


Vee said...

Another great post, Beck. Good observations! And I agree with you about the type of travel I enjoy.

jeanie said...

I agree Beck. If I wanted a 5 star AI experience why would I go through the expense and inconvenience of flying there? I CAN do that at home or at least within a short distanc of my home.

Chrissy y Keith said...

you can see the hanging meat down at Pro's Ranch Market. 16th St. and Roosevelt. I think there is a new one in Mesa as well that is closer to you.

Life's a Beach! said...

Chrissy, I need to get out more around Phoenix because I know there are places that would remind me of Mexico! I'm just missing that dose of funky island Mexican/Caribe culture!

Vee and Jeanie, like you, I'm just not into the sterile polished resort world. I have friends who do weekends at the local resorts and spas here, but it's just not my thing!