Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho Ho Ho! Merrrry Christmas!

We're officially in Christmas mode. When Craig got home this afternoon and my numbness from the dentist wore off, we headed over to Joe's Farm Grill for burgers. On the way out of the retro neighborhood where Joe's is located, we stopped to take a few photos.

The porch on this bungalow always has the cutest seasonal decor, and Christmas is no exception!

We had to circle back and take a second look at this pooch! Evidently, he's found a perch where he can people watch from his backyard! Kind of like a roof dog in Mexico! Craig wants to build Saby one.

On a sour note, we circled by the bank on the way home to get Christmas money. The bank had been robbed and was closed. Lots of flashing lights and yellow police tape! Glad I wasn't there. Bah humbug!


Jamqueen said...

Sadly, many people are resorting to bank robbery in these tough times. Like the decor at the house.
merry Christmas to you & your family!

Anonymous said...

Nice porch, and cool pooch!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Beck!!!

Isla Chica