Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where Were We 2 Years Ago?

Craig and I have a company Christmas party Friday night. That fact suddenly reminded me of where we were two years ago at this same time -- on the company trip from hell! (Click on these links and they'll take you to the original posts.)

For those of you who haven't heard the story, the small company Craig moved down here to work for decided that they would reward their sales team with a trip to Cabo San Lucas. We'd been on numerous award type corporate trips with Hallmark over the years, so I thought I knew what to expect. (Cue maniacal laughter.) Nice resort hotel, relaxing days at the beach, free activities, and some really good food. Scratch ALL of those expectations. Long story short, we ended up at a small hotel in old downtown Cabo that's popular with fishermen. It had the hardest bed I've ever slept on in Mexico and no hot water. And I won't really comment on the food other than to say the owners were Bud Lite afficianados who really didn't care if they ate anything on the trip -- just so the booze kept flowing. And $8 a person to them was an expensive meal.

Craig's female boss was offended by the fact that any of us would want to sit on our asses at the beach under an umbrella with a silly foo foo drink, so she lined up a zipline/ATV tour from hell in a mountainous river canyon an hour north of Cabo. The name of it was Extreme Cabo, and it was definitely extreme for a bunch of out-of-shape Baby Boomers. Sixteen ziplines total, each up to a half mile long, suspended up to 450 ft. over the mountain river canyon. And after each zipline, we had to hike UP to the next zipline platform on the side of the mountain canyon. And NO water because we'd had to leave our backpacks back at the basecamp. And these weren't those fancy zips you see where people hang on to fancy little bars with both hands. We were hung from the line in a leather harness and used heavy leather gloves to hang onto the cable and brake ourselves. Definitely Old School! Not to mention the dirty trip in and out of the canyon with a bunch of idiots driving ATV's trying to one up each other by running over cacti and scaring the local cows.

So now I gauge everything scary or unpleasant in life by What would I rather do? -- the new scary thing (like being alone in a Category 2 hurricane in a hotel room perched above the seawall), or the extreme zipline trip. And the answer is almost always -- the new scary thing! : )

Let's hope Craig's new company culture doesn't involve something like jumping off the roof at the company Christmas party Friday night or swimming in a 60 degree pool. The party's at Buster and Dave's, which I understand to be a restaurant/game place, so it should be just fine. I don't think they have ziplines or bungee jumping? I'm assuming the females won't be sporting mullets and most people will have their teeth! (You may think I'm exaggerating, but not really!) I'm looking forward to this one because Craig likes the people he works with and always comes home with interesting stories, so it should be a really great evening!


Vee said...

I remember well the Cabo story, Beck. I hope you have a much less adventurous event this time!

jeanie said...

I still can't believe you actually did that!

Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanie, I can't believe I did it either. The owners of the company were constantly 'testing' everyone to see how far they could push them. Sickos! And Vee, I expect Friday night to be very tame!

Jamqueen said...

i remember it, too! One of the few parties we are going to is tonight--SAR ( Sons of the Am. Revolution holiday party--Alan joined about a month ago--we know not a soul that will be at the party--should be interesting

Isla Deb said...

Sounds like your time in Cabo could have made a good comedy movie...only it probably wasn't too funny at the time! Ha! Our Christmas dinner/party was pretty tame this year. PLUS, everyone had to pay for their own dinner, for cryin' out loud. Actually, it turned out pretty well and we had a good time. Hope you enjoy yours as well! And I'm guessing that place were you did that temp work last summer is not inviting you to their Christmas party?? I can well imagine how festive THAT would be!

Life's a Beach! said...

Deb, I just got a Merry Christmas letter from the workplace telling me the salt mines will open again in March. UGH! As if I need reminding! Nothing like dreading going back to work months in advance!

Ann, I woke up with a scratchy throat, but hopefully I'll still make the party. At least there's free food!

And that Cabo trip was certainly memorable. I think it scarred me for life! HA!

Bennie said...

I have tears in my eyes laughing at your zip line descriptions. Maybe the cold you have now is not from the H1N1 but from jumping off the roof into a 60 degree pool (GRIN).

I assume they didn't make you do that since I didn't see that post.