Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Retro Christmas

My day is off to a roaring start! In the process of making my lite coffee frappe this morning, I spilled half a container of powdered mocha mix on the kitchen floor. Fortunately Saby has no interest in powdered milk/cocoa, or it would have been a real mess!

Saturday while we were waiting for my car to be ready at that dealership, we stopped by the local antique mall. It's just a few miles south. I'd once again forgotten my camera, but used the phone for a few photos. They'd opened up a garden antiques area outdoors on the side.

I love retro Christmas items, so this glowing Frosty was tempting. But I had to pass since I still had to pay bail to get my Bug out of jail!

Look at what they did with this old sink fixture! Pretty cool!

While I was browsing inside the mall, I noticed a Santa just like the one I have from my childhood. My mother used to put it in the front picture window. When Santa was plugged in, he glowed for the entire neighborhood. I now have him on a shelf in our den. Where the original Santa used to have a green plastic Christmas tree in his hand, they had put a new bubble light. Guess how much my Santa is going for now? $150. I was floored. I think I'd better get an extra rider on the homeowners to protect my Santa. Mine is also missing the little green Christmas tree, so I have him holding some old Christmas decorations. But he still glows when he's plugged in!

I did find one item in the garden area that I couldn't resist. Especially since it was $3. It was a little ornamental green metal planter. I filled it with old Christmas ornaments!

Don't tell Craig, but the shop is having an outdoor flea market this weekend. He'll be working a trade show on Saturday, so I think I'll have to amuse myself. And this time I'll remember the camera?


Isla Deb said...

Love all your finds as usual, Beck...especially the metal basket with the Christmas ornaments. My Christmas decorations are at a bare minimum this year since I don't have the space AND I'll be gone for the holidays. Don't want to have to come back to putting away lots of decorations!

Life's a Beach! said...

Deb, you'll see plenty of Christmas decorations in Mexico! Can't wait to see your photos! Wish I could be there!!!