Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sidewalk Photographers?

Well, you learn something new everyday, especially when you read blogs!

While reading the Gangs of San Miguel, I noticed a comment from a reader about sidewalk photographers. The light suddenly went on in my head. I have an odd postcard photo of my grandmother taken as she was walking down the street on a shopping expedition. I'm guessing she was in Wichita, Kansas because the person next to her is my grandfather's sister Alda who lived in Wichita. I'd looked at this photo for years and wondered about it because I knew my grandparents never owned a camera, so all the older photos of her are photographer's photos. And why would there be a postcard of her out shopping? Now I know! There must have been a sidewalk photographer in downtown Wichita!

Here's the photo of my Grandma Bowman walking down the street.

I'm glad no one's waiting to take my photo on shopping expeditions! I don't need a reminder of my trip to Michael's dressed in jeans or jogging pants. They really got dolled up back then in dresses, heels, gloves, and hats! A ha! Maybe that's WHY they dressed to the nines! They knew there could be a candid photographer lurking?


Isla Deb said...

Talk about a candid shot! And it looks like she's getting money out of her purse to pay the photographer! Ha!

Life's a Beach! said...

Deb, I hadn't tuned into why she was getting in her purse!

Bennie said...

Oh I hope there are no photographers in the wings to catch me when I'm shopping.

What a cool picture to have though,