Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Whacko Update

Oh, how I wish I was allowed a camera phone at work! I see so many sights that I'd love to photograph. Like the Naughty Librarian. There's a woman who dresses in short pleated pastel plaid skirts, white hose, tight crewneck cashmere sweaters, and oversized cat-eye glasses. Then there's the skinny Pippi Longstocking look-alike with the bright pink sweatshirt, goofy shorts, striped knee socks, and long reddish pigtails. There's actually something very quirky about Pippi, but she must be a 'brain' because she's on one of the math projects.

But back to Whacko. She got called into a room with the Head Fred on Monday morning and emerged with a slightly different attitude. She still didn't work, but she did sit at her desk quietly for the first few hours. But by afternoon, she was back in her usual mode, wandering the room and taunting all of us with her cellphone. She'd flip it open and look at her messages to make sure we all knew she had it on. Cellphones are a huge no-no in the building. But other than that, no weird shenanigans. Early Tuesday morning, they moved her to a vacant table at the back of the room -- all by her lonesome. And she got a new supervisor -- her fourth one. A big brawny guy who looks like an ex-school principal. She made a huge show when she was leaving our area, yelling Fresh Air, Fresh Air as she rolled her chair and personal items away. We all largely ignored her.

In her new digs, she started the same stuff all over again. But being at the back of the room just sucked all the joy out of her main aim in life -- to disrupt and be the center of attention. She was a no-show on Wednesday and Thursday. Rumor has it that H.R. may have axed her by phone, but her little prayer card still sits there on her keyboard. I have a feeling that today, it might land on someone else's keyboard as a prank. We're not celebrating yet because she's like a pesky cockroach. You think you're rid of it and then it pops back up again!

Thank God It's Friday!!! Wish I could have found a better video of this, but Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend!

P.S. Wish I could stay home today and get caught up on blogging! Our group is working way ahead and they predict we'll be done by April 23. Unfortunately, they lost a lot of contracts this summer, so that may be it for the job this year. So maybe I'm just working for April 23?!!!


Isla Deb said...

Beck, it sounds like they need to make a sitcom out of your office situation. I would definitely watch! Too bad for us viewers your job will be ending soon...I keep looking forward to the next episode!

jeanie said...

Now I really want to see these folks! Can you or any of the normal people draw? I'm thinking of the courtroom artists when they don't allow cameras. LOL

Life's a Beach! said...

Deb and Jeanie,

I'm kind of convinced that Pippi Longstocking perhaps has some disability like Asperger's syndrome. She'd have to be highly intelligent and degreed to do what she does, but she's just a little bizarre. One of my pod-mates calls her the Roadrunner because she zips through the room very quickly and skittishly. And Whacko is gone for sure. Someone stole her little prayer card from her former keyboard today and it is making the rounds.

P.S. Naughty Librarian had on funky plaid Bermuda shorts today.

Bennie said...

I vote for the guy on the Right in your video. He worked it.

I'm glad to hear Nutzoid is gone. You should write a book. I agree if it were a sitcom I'd watch it.