Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Another day, another dollar! That little map on my blog will probably light up like a Christmas tree with the title on this post! But y'all know what I'm talking about! It's Wednesday -- Hump Day. Halfway through that work week! Woo hooooo!

I like these European commercials set in the rail stations. I'm assuming this one is for a cell/camera phone provider, but don't really know since I don't read the language!

I'm nearing the end of this project at work. My supervisor estimated today that we'll be finished by next Tuesday or Wednesday! She also suggested that I may be put onto another project in mid-May, but I won't know until the beginning of the month. Anyway, I may have a nice little vacation coming by the middle of next week! Too bad I can't just hop a plane down to Isla! :) And if the vacation turns out to be extended, I won't be crying in my beer! I'll retire my mouse hand until next March!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Vee said...

Beck, I don't know the purpose of that video either, but it's really cool. A friend posted a link to it on Facebook last week.

Bennie said...

Oh Beck I bet your hits to the web page were fun to watch with the title.

You'll be glad to hear that Pesky Bright Sunshine I've been having in Portland went away today. It's not raining, but the weatherman you contacted made sure I can't see Mount Hood today.

Just for that I'm going to go to Beaches to eat for you.

Life's a Beach! said...

Vee, a good friend sent it to me.
Oh Bennie. BEACHES!!!! I'm insanely jealous! Sitting there by the window watching boats go by. There's an osprey nest down the riverwalk aways on a big pole out in the river. Love the salads, the bread, the entrees! Mmmmmmmm. Who cares if it's cloudy!