Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blame It on the Bossa Nova

Actually, don't blame it on the bossa nova, just blame everything on the liberal media! Those left-wing subversive communists!

When the housing marking meltdown started in Phoenix, the construction superintendent in our new neighborhood ranted on and on and on about how the real estate meltdown was just an invention of the liberal media (what most people call the mainstream media). Then the mortgage mess was just an exaggeration of the media. As time went on and the dirty words recession (and/or depression) were mentioned, it was still just more media hype. I think most sane people have finally realized that the worldwide economic meltdown was not caused by the media.

And now we have the swine flu. And I'm hearing a repeat of the blame game. Just another exaggeration of the media. People seem to be ignoring recommendations from the experts whose intent would seem to be to minimize or prevent a worldwide pandemic and dangerous mutation of the virus. They seem to be making light of it. I guess it's all just meaningless statistics unless one of your loved ones dies. My uncle died about five years ago from the flu. Yes, he had other health issues, but he got the flu and died. Craig's mom died of the flu in January because a sick healthcare worker at the care home where she was rehabilitating continued to work and exposed patients to it.

The county/state closed a grade school in Phoenix today because of a swine flu case, and they just closed down a vacation spot in Arizona. So it's here. When I went to Costco after work to pick up a few items, some of the employees were wearing masks. And I heard from a woman at work who needed to see her doctor for a new prescription that the receptionist told her to stay away right now because their office is jammed with sick people.

So the news media didn't invent it -- they're just reporting it. Personally, I'm glad I have a week's break from work starting tomorrow at noon. I wish it was a two or three-week break. I have a feeling this will spread through the workplace like wildfire now because people need the money in this horrid economy and will just work sick.

But hey -- just blame it all on the liberal media. Or the bossa nova!


Vee said...

You're right on track, Beck. President Calderon told Mexicans to stay home from work Friday.

jeanie said...

I'm glad you're going to be off for a week. Hopefully the experts will soon get some perspective on this nasty bug. I cancelled a trip to the UK in '03 due to SARS. There was no way I was going anywhere near Toronto airport (or anywhere in Toronto)

Life's a Beach! said...

Two people with flushed faces hacking with deep coughs at work today. Ugh. I was glad not to be in the near vicinity. I think sicko's in the workplace should be required to wear masks! Seriously! Oh well, I'm out of there until next Thursday! Woo hoooo!

I kind of like Biden's candor today. LOL I just heard a Republican congressman is calling for the closing of the Mexican border right now with the exception of essential personnel. I assume that means U.S. vacationers wouldn't be able to come back in??? That'd go over like a turd in the punch bowl!