Friday, April 24, 2009

I Love Bubba

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! Woo hooooo!

I admit to being a person who makes quick judgments. I sometimes judge books by their cover only to find out I was so wrong! I saw a group of people walking down Hidalgo last May with these gigantic miniature beer keg thermal cups and thought -- how tacky! I think I made a crack something to the effect that they could tie them around their necks and they'd look like St. Bernard's? Okay -- I can be such a silly snob!

When I started working, I went looking for a covered thermal beverage container since that's the only thing allowed in the computer rooms. Everywhere I looked, I saw a sea of Big Bubba's! Here's my Bubba! Not quite as hefty as the large beer keg variety I saw cruising down Hidalgo.

The other day, mine fell over on the table. There was a collective gasp up and down the row. But no spill! Bubba did the job! I suppose I could load it with any beverage of my choice and no one at work would really notice. Well, maybe the fumes might drift around, and I could end up acting like Whacko Girl!

Here's one other tip that I haven't had time to purchase. The woman next to me uses a peppermint oil she purchased at Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck) to fight off drowsiness. She's letting me whiff hers until I can find my own little navy blue bottle of it. It REALLY works. It's an immediate wake-up call, and I've noticed my mind's clearer and I work like a little hamster on the wheel for about a half hour after I inhale. I guess it's a form of huffing! : ) I checked the natural remedy section of another natural foods store on the way home last night, but they didn't have it. So I'll find some over the weekend. Even if I'm not working after next week, it'd be great for those times when you need to get stuff done and you're dragging. Or when you're traveling and miserably tired!

Woo hoooooo! It's the weekend!


Vee said...

Never heard of that peppermint picker-upper but will check Whole Foods next time I'm there. I'm glad it's Friday, too. It's going to be 90 degrees this weekend!

Scottozoid said...

one cannot live on coffee alone

I use peppermint oil for making peppermint bark...

Every year when I do my Santa gigs, there are always broken candy canes...little kids DO NOT LIKE broken candy canes!

So every year I "recycle" the broken candy canes and make peppermint bark:

make one layer of milk chocolate, melted in the double boiler. To the milk choco I add a couple of wee drops of the peppermint oil (much better than mere extract) then pour out the choco onto parchment paper until completely cool and set.

step two is the funnest: put the broke candy canes in a ziploc bag and whack the hell out of them with a hammer! yeah boy!

Step three: melt white choco in double boiler. pour layer of white over the milk choco. then sprinkle whacked candy cane shards all over and there you go" Santa's Recycled Peppermint Bark

another handy use for peppermint oil besides near substance abuse (LMAO)

I like the header photo and want to see more of the same please.

Moongrl722 said...

Peppermint oil? Substance abuse? I'm jonesin' for some peppermint schnapp!

Life's a Beach! said...

I didn't get to Whole Foods today to get the peppermint oil. Dang it. Scott, I need to note that this recipe is in the comments so I can find it at Christmas! That'd make great gifts!
Moonie, you could always sneak peppermint schnaps in a flask to work. Ha!
Vee, we had a 90/100 some degree week, but I'm so glad it's cooled off now!