Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tapas at Terraza's!

One evening as we were cruising down Hidalgo, a girl hung over the balcony at what I thought was a cantina appealing to Craig and our male friend to come up.  Yes, I'd heard about that cantina, but the female employees had never hung over the railing and talked to us before!  I passed it off on the bad economy.

The next morning, we were having breakfast at Barlito directly across the street and I mentioned the incident to Tiffany and Brad.  Tiffany said,  Oh, no, that's not a cantina anymore.  That's La Terraza and they have great tapas and a ginger margarita that's just to die for! 

I'm so glad she set us straight because we ended up at La Terraza that night!  And at least three other nights on our trip. I really should have taken notes because my mind's not like a steel trap anymore, but they have wonderful appetizers that cost in the 60 peso range.  The entrance is directly across the street from Barlito, and you take the stairway up to the balcony above. 

The balcony's a great place to people watch while you drink the cervezas and margaritas and dine on your tapas. (It was also a great place to hide after 4 or 5 nights of La Rama because I think the kids still think it's a cantina!  Did I say that???)  Those ginger margs, in particular, are the talk of the town!

Here's the cute little turquoise-railed balcony.  The tables are right there with a great view of the street!

I wish I'd taken photos of the seating on the balcony, but we were usually with friends and the camera never came out of my bag.  Here's a photo of the bar.

 The first night I ordered the mole chicken enchiladas and Craig ordered the beef empanadas.  Unfortunately, that was not a camera night because both those plates were wonderful!  The second trip, everyone in the group settled on chicken or beef tostadas or the chicken sopes.  The plate above contains tostadas.  Muy delicioso!

And these are my favorites -- the savory sopes!  Lovely tasty treats with chicken on the bottom and sliced avocado and la crema on top. The soft corn tortillas are just the ticket if you happen to be having dental work on your front teeth.  Ha!  But seriously, they were yummy!

La Terraza in December was featuring Cuban music, usually beginning nightly at 9:00 p.m.  Our party of four loved the tapas at Terraza, so next time you're headed down Hidalgo looking for a place to light for good food, look UP!  (It's not a den of sin anymore!)


Ann said...

I will be looking for this place soon after we arrive!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, we thought the little plates were much better than the equivalent at Mamacita's.

Janet said...

Becky, we found this place in June thanks to Tiffany's recommendation. They weren't serving food yet, but I agree yummy ginger margarita's. Loved sitting there and looking down on Hidalgo. Can't wait to try the food in March. Thanks for the pictures!

krisla said...

Thanks for the tip--those savory sopes look like my kind of thing; I'll be sending my husband over to get some as he is there now! yum! -k

Life's a Beach! said...

Janet and Kris, definitely give it a try! One thing we liked is that the tapas are enough to fill you up. Craig and I can't remember if the little plates were 60 or 65 pesos, but it's a tasty reasonably priced night on the town! We never managed to stay late enough for the live music.