Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Walkabout

We spent a lot of time this trip walking the streets of the various colonias of Isla Mujeres.  One colonia runs into the other, and I don't know where Lol Beh ends and Miraflores begins.  And I have no clue if I'm in La Gloria or Canotal (or if I spelled any of those correctly), but I bet if a cab dropped me off on a random street, I'd know how to get where I was going!  Here are some photos from our many rambles.

Killer dog at the gate.  We saw this cute little chihuahua on our way back from Chedraui one morning.  

Another shot of the ladies and their vegetable cart!  They meandered the streets of the neighborhood where we stayed most days selling vegetables and plants.

I'm not sure what these ladies are up to, but I'd guess it's missionary work.  I've seen them before walking with their colorful umbrellas at various spots south of El Centro. 

We also passed this carpenter shop on our walk back from Chedraui one morning.

Early morning reflections on the lagoon.  If you're not familiar with this area, the orange buildings are part of the Navy base that's south of El Centro on the west side of the lagoon.

 Somebody in this humble casa along the lagoon walk has artistic flair.  Heads on a Hot Tin Roof? 

Kash Keken Chuc.  I really mangle that when I try to pronounce it, but they have good barbecued chicken and pork.

A rusty abandoned moto. 

Colorful pots on a balcony.

Fruit and veggie stand along the lagoon.

Another colonia stand on a street corner.


Ann said...

Cool photos. We haven't spent much time in the colonias--hope that changes in the future.

Karyn Carpenter said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Helps knock away the winter blues!

drgeo said...

The customer at the veggie cart seems to be wearing a white t-shirt given away by a political candidate. Now there's an idea! But I'm not ready for a Herman Cain bikini! Newt Gingrich speedo?

Nancy said...

Beautiful photos as always! I really wish I could walk around more but I'll have to settle for seeing the sights from a moving golf cart. Kinda makes for blurry photos though, LOL. I want to experience so much more in the colonias.

Janet said...

Great pics. Fun, I recognize many from our walks. Thanks!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone!

Ann, we'll be back closer to town next trip -- ha! Karyn, hope Arrayo's recovering well from the surgery! Drgeo, I noticed that t-shirt, but I can't read which candidate. Usually the print is HUGE! Here in the U.S., I'm sure we'd have to buy those t-shirts (but I'm not buying any of those candidates right now -- ha)!

Nancy, golfcarts are also good, but I know how difficult it can be to make the driver stop for a photo! Janet, you'll have fun walking the colonias on your next trip!

went coastal said...

I thought the Carpenter's nickname might be "Meatball" because 'res' is beef and 'balon' is ball/globe...but resbalón means "error, offence, slip, fault" according to the internet. Great photos as always!

Life's a Beach! said...

Wentcoastal, it looks like the cartoon man on the sign is slipping or falling down. There must be a good story behind the name of his shop!

Linda said...

LOVE the photo of the reflection on the lagoon!!!