Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Malecon by Day and Night

Over the past few years, the malecon on the eastern side of Isla Mujeres has been transformed into an art gallery.  Here are some recent shots from December.

The walls have a fishy theme!

I cut off the name under this bust, so I'm not sure who he is!  He's very distinguished!

More sea life murals!

A vendor displays his wares on the seawall.

Men at work!  I'm not sure if these guys are sweeping streets, or part of the beach cleanup crew.  For anyone who hasn't visited Isla Mujeres in the past few years, the ugly hulking structure in the background is an abandoned unfinished condo development.  Ugh!  I wish it would disappear.

Someone has claimed the semi-demolished Hotel Perla Caribe as the Hotel Calabera.  I tried to translate, but the closest I could get was calavera, which means skull?  I did see squatters going in and out while I was hunting seaglass below the malecon.

Craig and the whaleshark!

For most of the trip, this tent selling goods from Guanajuato was set up on the malecon above the zocalo.  Vendors also had little booths set up with games, toys, and food while we were there in December.  Here's a little video of that area at night.


drgeo said...

Photo of Craig and the whaleshark--are they each life sized? Craig is huge!

Ann said...

When did the whaleshark go up? Don't remember seeing it in June... Along the malecon is one of my favorite haunts..esp. early morning.

jeanie said...

I loved the churros from on of those little booths. I never have room for dessert but I'd grab those on my way home for a midnight snack. LOL Beck, You know I never see midnight.

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, maybe I should post that photo of Craig with the tamale vendor again! LOL

Ann, I think the whaleshark was there in June, but I could be wrong.

Jeanie, my favorite is the marquesita cart right in front of the supermercado.

went coastal said...

Your translation is correct..V's and B's are often interchanged. It looks kinda skullish. When that condo project shut down there were many laborers from Chiapas w/o work suddenly. We had just bought roof poles & hired one of them to remove the bark, who stayed on for the whole project. A very talented mason & nice guy. It was sad to see so many guys wanting to work and saying, "No, sorry." Those are a coupla manmade eyesores among such natural beauty. I like the seawall artwork! I posted a pic of that whaleshark before it was installed in ~June...laying beside Medina.