Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Into Fall

The frost isn't on the pumpkin yet (despite the fact that I was almost waylaid by that pumpkin pie in Costco last week), but the season's changing here in Phoenix. After a record string of days over 110, the temps finally dipped last week to daytime highs below 100. It's still 99 degrees, but we'll take it!

Over the weekend, the atmosphere exploded with huge monsoonal lightning storms every night, torching a palm tree farm a mile west of us. The property had been a neighborhood nuisance for years because scorpions love palms and all the dried fronds that litter the ground underneath. We drove by yesterday to see the remains. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on me, but those blackened palms were quite a sight! Craig refused to stop the car because he said scorpion refugees might climb on for the ride.

With that sun rising a little later each day, I'm actually up in time to see it now. I should thank the Bumpuses for the tropical flair from that illegal palm that's now showing above the wall. Yes, in the suburban HOA world of Phoenix, there are illegal palms. Those are the varieties that actually thrive with the weather extremes. They get big and rowdy and HOA's don't like that. So the rule followers of the world (that would be us) are stuck nursing the sickly legal palms not suited for the climate, while the Bumpus palms grow with wild abandon.

The balloon boys are back, or maybe sunrise was earlier in the summer and I wasn't awake to wave at them.

The evening light now has a golden glow.

And the sun disappears a little earlier everyday. Speaking of disappearing acts, I spent an hour on a post yesterday that just went poof! And I thought several other posts last week had met a similar fate. Just as I was cursing Blogger this morning and trying to decide whether to contact them for help, I found the missing posts. As my son used to say -- duuhhhhh.


drgeo said...

Eeek! Aliens in Arizona! Alert the immigration authorities--deport those palms!

But that would cause the Bumpuses to loose their pack of slavering scorpions, and they might race through your house and turn over the turkey again. Best to hunker down with your Red Ryder and sit them out.

Liked your last photo best!

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, it's thundering now. At first I thought Mr. Bumpus had flown in to fire up his Vette.