Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Isla Leftovers

Elsewhere, Labor Day signals the end of summer. Here -- not so much! But I do see a trend towards more tolerable temps developing here in our area with a high of only 103 predicted for tomorrow.

Here's something bizarre. It's still in the 100's and we actually covered the pool this afternoon. With overnight temps dipping into the lo 80's and high 70's now, the water's getting a tad too cool for my taste. By using the solar cover at night, we can extend the summer fun to the end of September and maybe even mid-October!

Here are a few summery leftovers from June on Isla Mujeres. Coconuts, white sand, and turquoise water!


MD in Texas said...

Our pool went from 94 to 78 in three days due to this cool front that came through. I think our pool season is over unless we turn the heater on :(

Life's a Beach! said...

Donna, the wind and overnight low's were taking our temp down very quickly. Craig likes it cool, so I had to harrass him yesterday to cover it. The solar cover extends pool season about a month on each end here in Phoenix. We need a new cover since the little bubble bits are starting to come off in the water. We'll probably use it for the rest of this season, toss it, and start with a new one in the spring.

MD in Texas said...

Sadly that won't help us. As the summer nears end and the sun's location changes, our pool is in the shade all but a couple hours a day. Fortunately, it is a very small pool and we can heat it without having to mortgage the house.

Life's a Beach! said...

Forgot to mention we have a heater we've never used. I wanted the pool included with the home loan when we moved here, so I was clueless about what I really needed on a pool in this area. Before we ever swam in it, I started hearing horror stories about it costing $500 to heat a pool for one week, so there's a hunk of metal out there that's never been turned on!