Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain Day

Yesterday, we woke to crashing thunder and stormy skies. So much so that I quickly pulled up NOAA on my laptop to make sure there was nothing too tropical and stormy on the horizon. All is well, and we're loving the weather! The thunder and lightning, deep blue skies, and crashing waves are a great break from the monotony of Phoenix heat and sun.

We spent the morning shelling at the southern tip of the island, finalizing our next location on the beach for our move on Wednesday, and turtle crawling our way throught the shops and sights in Anna Maria. After all that, we topped off the morning with lunch at the Sandbar, a popular beach restaurant in Anna Maria.

The stormy view from the balcony -- pea green seas and deep blue skies.

Great day for an early lunch at the Sandbar Restaurant!

The chicken salad.

And the seafood salad with crab and pasta shells.

After lunch, Craig took off for the historic Anna Maria Pier to do some fishing, while I read and listened to the waves. The fish story is that he caught 15 jacks and had a blast.


AJ. Baxter said...

Great new header photo at the top of the blog!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks A.J.! Lots of good beach photos here!

Anonymous said...

Great photos and the food looks delicious!!!