Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'll Have the Smoked Mullet

Yesterday, in a quest to consume more greasy fried seafood at dock restaurants, we set off for the historic fishing village of Cortez. We drove round in circles trying to find a restaurant I'd read about on Trip Advisor. Finally we saw a lot of cars in front of a different dockside joint, the Cortez Kitchen, and decided to give that one a try instead.

After taking a glance at some of the characters seated at the bar, I almost felt like we'd walked into a Carl Hiassen novel.

And then I saw the menu. I'll have the smoked mullet? I was suddenly envisioning the Mel Gibson/Randy Johnson mullet going up in smoke.

I chickened out on ordering the smoked mullet and decided to try a grouper sandwich. There's a big competition here in coastal Florida for the best grouper sandwich, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Craig ordered the fish and rings. Overall, we'd give this dockside joint an A for characters and an average on the food.

We headed back to Cortez Fishing Village today with directions to the Starfish Seafood Restaurant. Yum! This joint took the honors! And yes, they also serve mullet.

Craig and I now have mullet mania. Everywhere we turn, we're seeing mullets of the hair variety. Mainly on women. Eeks!

(To be continued.)


drgeo said...

Have you decided on your new hair do--
Or will you have to mull it?

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, I think I'll be mull-ing it for awhile. Shortly after not eating the smoked mullet, we saw a 4 by 4 woman with a BIG mullet emerge from the Big Lots on Cortez Avenue. Scary!