Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Beach

When I showed Craig the online photos of Anna Maria Island the first time, he said, No way that sand's going to be almost white, and no way the water will be that color of blue. It's the Gulf! But he was wrong. It's not as clear or as pretty as the Caribbean, but it's still gorgeous!

I'm up early at first light to see whether the clouds will be pink or peach.

We come across all kinds of birds on our morning walks and they rarely move. This egret seems to be contemplating the rainbow.

Craig's loves it because he can fish to his heart's content while I sit watching from the beach.

This guy seems to loiter in the same location down the beach everyday. I tried to look him up on the bird chart. Could he be a stork?

Cottages up the beach leave their kayaks right out front.

I think these two gigantic adirondack style chairs were being used as a prop this morning for a trash the wedding dress photo shoot. It's the first time I've actually ever witnessed one. Most women on the beach were appalled that someone would choose to ruin an expensive wedding gown.

Here's Craig wading back into the water with new bait on his hook. He's out there right now, along with the football guys down the beach who have a tent and pirate flag set up.

Earlier this afternoon in a rain squall, we saw people running down the beach in mass following something in the water. At first we thought it might be a dolphin, but then realized after we got the binoculars that it was the neighborhood manatee out for a cruise. We've been told he likes to nudge swimmers in the water out front when he passes by. They may need to call 911 if he surprises me!

I'm sure Craig will still be out there at sunset this evening with the fishing pole.

The sunset tonight won't be as stunning as last nights due to the cloud cover, but I'd better get my camera just in case!


krisla said...

It looks just beautiful there...
I need to check out where it is...(IF they ever get the Yucatan ferry going again, we'll be traveling thru Fla, to Tampa...) Great photos! -k

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, we flew into Tampa. Anna Maria is a barrier island just south of Tampa Bay, and Sarasota is just to the south. The ferry will probably go right past Anna Maria on its way in!

drgeo said...

Craig could save millions by eating his fish for dinner each night! But who wants to cook on vacation? What a considerate guy to release all those huge catches!

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, we saw guys at the dock using the fish he caught as bait!

AJ. Baxter said...

The head of the bird looks like a Great Blue Heron

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks A.J. I think you're right!

Janet said...

Becky, love the pictures, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Life's a Beach! said...

Janet, we haven't gotten down to Siesta Key yet, and now inertia has set in. But we're loving it right here!