Friday, September 30, 2011

Star Fish Seafood

Cue Creedence Clearwater Revival. We found the ultimate down home dock restaurant with the best Gulf seafood in the area! Believe me, we've tested a good portion of the menu and it's all been to die for!

This is the joint we were looking for when we stumbled into Cortez Kitchen earlier in the trip. The next day, I mapped Star Fish Seafood online and we found it. And . . . we've made many visits since. We've become their best customers. Last night when we were leaving, the cook yelled through the screened kitchen windows Ya'all have a nice evening! The staff probably thinks we're living down the street instead of commuting across the bridge.

That's the fish shack in the distance, a local landmark in Cortez fishing village.

And yes, this is the place with the painted wisdom on picnic tables!

Last night I took a break from seafood and tried the burger. Yum!

Another night we ordered the peel and eat shrimp.

The fried clams. Seriously, to die for! Are you sensing a theme here? I've got to lose that phrase considering all the fried seafood we've been consuming.

And the crabcakes melt in your mouth! These are the first fresh crabcakes I've had since living in the Northwest, and we'll be returning one more time before we leave in a few days so I can have another round!

There's also a seafood market next to the restaurant. They sell fresh seafood, artwork, t-shirts, etc....

Star Fish serves everything from smoked mullet to cabernet!

And it's a hoppin' place on the weekends for food and boat rides!

If you just happen to be in the Bradenton/Cortez/Anna Maria Island area, we highly recommend it! And don't forget to try the key lime pie! I'd like to take one home with me because seriously, it IS to die for!


Isla Deb said...

Looks like you're having a blast. Question: Would you go back?

Life's a Beach! said...

Yes Deb! We're already talking about next year, thinking sometime in October when it's just a tad cooler. It's the perfect place for Craig because he can fish to his heart's content from the shore or pier without it costing him a penny. After the first week, we found the perfect studio condo. Plenty of good restaurants, and the food's fairly affordable if you stay out of the expensive places. And the Gulf water is warm, just the way I like it! I still love Mexico, but I'm surprised by Florida!

krisla said...

Those are clever & adorable slogans on the picnic tables--also like the post (egrets vs regrets)-so fun.
You have made the place sound very desirable. -k

Janet said...

Yum, the food looks delicious! Miss that area, we've been doing Mexico instead. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves!

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, we went back today at noon for one last box of peel and eat shrimp. And we had to split that last piece of key lime pie. The sign's were really cute.

Janet,we'll probably return again someday!