Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Abandonment

I'm guilty in the first degree of posting very little lately.

Blame it on the Nook. Blame it on the constant stream of repairmen we've had over for coffee this past week. (Wash machine, big-ass refrigerator, garbage disposal, reverse osmosis system, etc..., etc....) Blame it on the flu shot (the medical assistant was a stabber!). Blame it on John Grisham. I was awake half the night on Thursday reading The Confession. Blame it on all the other errands that consumed my week, including Saby's rabies shot. Actually, Craig took care of a lot of the above, but I'll take credit if it helps me build my excuse. Blame it on Blogger. There are so many little quirks now that it takes me hours to get the spacing correct on a simple little post like this one. Grrrrrr.

Blame it on all sorts of weird things! And speaking of weird things, Deep Thoughts, brought to you by Missy and Craig. (I swear this shot was not posed. It just happened.)

(Coming soon. New beach photos from Florida! Now I'm off to pack!)


Isla Deb said...

I read "The Confession," too...a real page-turner. (Well, I guess that would be a finger-swiper on a Kindle...ha!) Nice pic of Craig and Missy.

Ann said...

I've been having the blogger blahs too. Not doing much of anything interesting so not taking any good photos. Hope to change that this week!