Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Street Scenes on Isla Mujeres

For some people, Isla Mujeres is all about the beach, while other longtime visitors I know never go there! My days are spent somewhere in between. I try to get in some beach time, even if it's hunting seaglass or sitting in a chair reading a book out on the water where I stay. And some days, I do trek into El Centro and spend a few hours on Playa Norte. I'm a sun lover, but I also love to people watch, whether it's at the beach under an umbrella, from a perch on the front porch, or from a chair in front of Ricardo's Fire Opal on Juarez. By the way, Ricardo told me on this trip that Frida Kahlo and Day of the Dead bolsas will be arriving soon, so go inside and check out his shop! His specialty, of course, is beautiful handmade beaded and fire opal jewelry, and he stocks other items made in Mexico.

Since I like watching everyday life in Mexico, I thought I'd post a few January photos from the streets of Isla Mujeres!

A woman sells fruit and vegetables from her corner table in the colonias.

The balloon man walking down Juarez.

The Aztecs (I think they're supposed to be Aztecs?) arriving on the mid-afternoon ferry.

The hamburguesa and Bimbo dog vendors await customers on Medina.

The line stretches down the street at this popular tortilleria on the weekends!

A friend and I watched this guy getting off the old Puerto Juarez ferry late one afternoon with this large tin container on his head. We speculated that it could even be an animal cage? Later in the week when I saw him with the lid off, I figured out he was selling pan door to door.


Ann said...

Wonderful shots of day to life! I love people watching too!

Ann said...

Supposed to be " day to day life"

drgeo said...

Wish I could see a closeup of your new Frida bolsa!

drgeo said...

Oh, and I think that's a rare photo of Gene Simmons arriving on vacation at the Isla ferry.

Vee said...

LOL at drgeo! Great shots, Becky. I also just read the post about Saby. That's so cool!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, we kind of have similar interests! : ) drgeo, you always make me laugh. They're a lot like Gene Simmons! They're in show business. And Vee, Craig now thinks Saby should have a dedicated bedroom with a four poster bed. (She'd need a ramp to get into it now.)

Anonymous said...

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