Friday, June 4, 2010

More Tlaquepaque!

A peek through to another courtyard.

Beautiful pots and tiles.

I'd love to have that blue rug in the middle!

Not for sale -- Larry the Lizard.

Love this sculpture!

Gorgeous flowers!

Another peaceful fountain.

These grapevine burros are so cool!

Beautiful blue heron sculpture.

Flowers and tiles.

Gorgeous shop sign.

Another lovely nook.

My favorite balcony!

Rugs and more.

How'd he get up there!

Leap frog!


Jamqueen said...

More great photos! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Vee said...

I'm enjoying your photos from however-you-spell-it, Beck. Love the first one of the doorway and courtyard.

Life's a Beach! said...

And I spelled it wrong! Must edit! HA!

Lillian said...

How did that handsome dude get up on that balcony. Romeo, oh Romeo!!! BEAUTIFUL pics!!!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Why Miss Lill! So glad to see you here! Yes, Romeo climbed up there expecting to be serenaded by his old Juliet. Or maybe he climbed up there for the view? (More like it!) Hope you and the Jaybird are both doing good!

Moongrl722 said...

Love the Patio Azul! And that cute guy. :)