Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gettin' Beachy!

Craig and I spent the weekend relaxing getting in the mood for our upcoming trip. But before I get to that subject, it is Father's Day, so I'll show you some photos of the men in my life.

My dad gettin' beachy with it in WWII. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

My dad and I. He must have just gotten home from work because that's his office outfit. He was a civil engineer for the Kansas State Highway Commission.

Craig and Michael gettin' beachy with it on the Oregon Coast back in the 80's. Don't tell either of them I posted this pic!

For lunch on Saturday, we had a tropical rendition of BLT's. YUM!

I spent some time reading this cool article in Coastal Living on Costa Rica that showcased a less touristy beach area. Guess we'd better go now since the rush will be on! Maybe in November, December, or January?

While Craig was trying to fix a leaky pool pipe, I did some water aerobics. I got showered with the yellow flowers from the palo verdes across the wall.

After the swim, I pulled out my bag of tricks and beaded a few bracelets. The one above is really beachy!

This one's a little fishy!

And this one will also be perfect for the trip!


Ann said...

Love the bracelets! And great photos !

MD in Texas said...

Ok, so I know I have said it before, but you really SHOULD start selling those bracelets. They are so awesome!!

FIVE days until Isla.....I promise to save you some sea glass! :-)

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Ann! Can't wait Donna! And as far as bracelets go, one of these days I'll get it together!

J said...

Love the bracelets and the BLTGA!!!!!!! It should be called BLTGA-OMG. You had a nice, beachy day!

Moongrl722 said...

Weird...I was "J". I thought I was Moongrl

Jana aka Moongrl aka J

Laurie said...

Good dad pics! I don't have pics now in H of my dad. I need to find some. That's a great pic of your dad.

Life's a Beach! said...

J. Uncover J. HA! I was making sure I didn't reveal any secrets before publication, but if that recipe's any indication, it's gonna be a blockbuster!

Laurie, my aunt gave me those cool WWII photos of my dad in Hawaii before she died. I'd never seen them before that! I think he sent them to her since he wasn't engaged to my mom yet.