Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Join Tod and Buz on 89A!

I originally planned on coming back through Prescott from our Sedona trip over Memorial Day weekend. Prescott has a lot of antique stores around the downtown area, and it's a much prettier drive back to Phoenix than the interstate. Well . . . notice I said I planned. Craig's plans were to try and beat the traffic jam of cars headed back into Phoenix. And that is a valid concern considering we were caught in long traffic backups going and coming home from Sedona. I-17 in Arizona is basically a 4 lane interstate -- 2 lanes in each direction. That's not nearly enough to accommodate the traffic volume in and out of the Phoenix area on any given day, much less a holiday weekend.

I remembered seeing a few antique store signs on a former trip as we passed through Cottonwood, Arizona, which is just south of Sedona. We compromised and checked out Old Town Cottonwood before we headed back to Phoenix on the interstate. We were both pleasantly surprised. It's kind of a cool upcoming area with a few antique stores, galleries, and restaurants!

Love this sign. Adventure with Tod and Buz to Old Town Cottonwood!

This is the first antique store we saw in Old Cottonwood. Two acres of antiques. In addition to an inside antique mall, there were outbuildings, old cars, wagons, gas pumps, etc... Perfect place to amuse Craig!

More wagons. Remnants from the Wild West days?

What does one do with an old car door?

A farmer must have dreamt this one up! Glider made with spare parts!

Giddyup little pony! Call the SPCA!

Craig loved this car. His dad had one like it when he was little.

Only his dad's wasn't shiny red!

Jed Clampett. Paging Jed Clampett! Your car is ready.

Well! None of your business!

Cottonwood detour to be continued tomorrow!

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