Friday, June 25, 2010

Frappes and Invests!

First the good news! I found these great little packets at Costco for making my morning coffee frappes! I'm trying one this morning at my McCafe (McHugh Cafe) and they're actually great! All that's needed is water and ice. I have a hard time on Isla without my blended coffee drinks, so problem solved! So I'll be packing my tiny blender! While I'm sampling my first little Cafe Frappe, I'm contemplating a pulsing red blob on the horizon.

And that's the questionable news. Invest 93. I'm starting to think I'm a jinx! In 2005, Wilma hit the weekend I was supposed to be arriving for a month on the island. Then I had that little skirmish with Ida in November, and now another one. But I guess it's IS hurricane season and nothing to do with me. Hopefully this thing will fizzle out and blow by as a little tropical disturbance and not impact the Yucatan or the Gulf and all the oil mess! And hopefully, my plane will lift off Tuesday morning and land in Cancun as scheduled! : )

I'm regretting now that I'm not flying US Air! I'd have a high probability of landing in Cancun on Tuesday no matter what the weather! Those people obviously have basketball-sized cajones! They landed flights during the time Hurricane Ida was passing through the Yucatan Channel in November. Evidently, the thought of getting a big old expensive plane stuck and/or damaged on a runway just didn't bother them. My flight, which I gambled would not arrive and takeoff that Sunday, left as scheduled right after Ida passed by. Why let a little hurricane ruin your flight schedule!

So I'm not going to sweat it! I will get there one way or another. Maybe late, but I'm going! And that seaglass hunting should be especially fine!

P.S. I did buy trip insurance! Don't leave home without it! Last year I incurred no extra costs whatsoever when Ida hit because the airlines and hotels on Isla really work with people when hurricanes are involved. I mainly buy it for medical and emergency medical evacuation purposes! Peace of mind!


Vee said...

Beck, a tropical storm shouldn't be a big deal. (Hope I don't have to eat those words!)

Life's a Beach! said...

Fingers crossed! I'm not that worried about my trip other than hoping it doesn't cause flight problems. Hope the storm doesn't cause miserable flooding for the people in its path and additional impacts with the oil on Gulf shores.

couzin frank said...

I finally got this blogger do dad thing fixed. Have a great trip and seaglass should be great....U just have to beat moonie to it! :)