Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There's one last place I wanted to tell you about in Sedona. Another favorite shop! It reminds me a little of Jackalope in Albuquerque. It's an import store that carries art, pottery, furniture, and lots of other miscellaneous stuff from Mexico. Hence the name Mexidona! Take a look at the link and there's a slideshow with more of what they sell. This trip, I was amazed at all the furniture they carry! Here are a few more things you can add to my wish list!

A blue pig would definitely be at the top of my list!

Pull hard little pony!

Love all the crosses and shrines! My walls are full of the stuff and Craig says no more!

Lots of gorgeous armoires.

Loved these fiber optic flowers.

Lots of Frida!

Froggy Trio

If only money grew on trees, I'd buy one of these!

Cool copper fountain.

I thought this was a large rat until I realized it was an armadillo!

I should have gotten Saby a dog bone bowl in honor of her stay at Dog Bone Ranch!


MD in Texas said...

WOW! I want one or two or three of those crosses!

Great stuff...

Ann said...

Love the dog bone bowls! Rafe would have it broken in a day!

Sue said...

Love all your posts about your trip to Sedona. But if I recall, you said you would have enough material for 'weeks'. So don't stop now!

jeanie said...

Wow great stuff!!!!!

Life's a Beach! said...

MD, hope you got my email. I'll see you in two weeks! Ann, we thought Saby would have problems with it too. Slopping water into food, then not wanting the food!

Sue, I don't think I'm going to make it past this week! But then I'll be on Isla in two weeks! By the way, hope to see you! Maybe we could all get together for dinner out in the colonias. We need to give Bruja or some of the other places out there a try! And I'll be at the beach a lot if you want to join me!

Jeanie, thanks! As I said, wish I had a money tree. But then my house would be so cluttered no one could walk through it!