Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eats and More Antiques

And now, back to Memorial Day weekend's roadtrip home through Old Cottonwood! Craig made a quick U-turn in the parking lot of the old town jail. I stayed in the car to snap the photo just in case Sheriff Joe's second cousin was lurking there with his liberal detector! Look at all these blooming cacti!

After browsing through Larry's many acres of antiques, we were ready to eat! What a nice surprise. The last time we went through Cottonwood on our way to Jerome, we ate at the Sonic! I'm glad I found the good part of town. In Old Cottonwood, there were several places to choose from. We chose Crema Cafe, a coffee house/bakery that serves sweets, salads, sandwiches, etc...

Craig ordered a ham and jack panini.

And I opted for the chicken salad croissant.


And then I was hoofing it back down the street to another antique store.

A Checkered Past.

Cute little suitcase!

Why the heck I don't just buy one of these is beyond me! I keep taking photos. This one looked exactly like my grandmother's old Remington that sat on her dining room table. I guess I'm waiting to find an old mission oak library table to set it on in the den?

It was Memorial Day weekend and they were ready for a picnic!

Ding ding ding! Here's the winner! (And I'm glad my mother wasn't with me to comment on my choice!) It went home with us and is now sitting in my garden with a blue bucket full of aloe perched in it! It was rustic and the price was right! : )

We bypassed a few more antique stores on our way out of Cottonwood. (Compromise is part of marriage. I've learned this after 35 years.) We (Craig) were in a rush to beat the traffic back to Phoenix. It didn't work. We once again ended up in a long jam caused by roadside fires probably caused by fools throwing cigarettes out their windows on I-17. After creeping south on the asphalt for 40 minutes or so, this is what we saw.

The photo's extremely strange, but I swear I didn't alter it. The only effect is evidently looking through a moving car window at the smoking remains of the grassfire.


Ann said...

Shouldn't have read this before I had lunch..making me hungry! Love the picnic stuff & those metal chars--we used to have them when i was growing up!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I get hungry again looking at it! My grandmother had the metal chairs on her front porch, but they're long gone. I've seen those chairs in really good shape, but the rustic one was just right to use in the garden.