Friday, June 18, 2010

Lunch at El Zocalo

Guess what! More food! Wednesday, a friend and I went to lunch in downtown Chandler, Arizona at El Zocalo. It'd been awhile since we'd eaten there, but the food hasn't changed. It was still great!

I love El Zocalo's decor. It's located in a historic building and decorated with lots of carved wooden armoires, talavera pots and plates, and brightly colored Mexican art.


Gwen ordered this gorgeous bowl of chicken tortilla soup. Next time I'm there, I'm ordering that!

And here's my Maximilliano salad. It tasted as good as it looks!

Gwen pulled a Goldilocks and found a chair that was juuuust right!

We ignored the 100 plus degree temps and took a look around the rest of the area. This old truck sits in front of another restaurant -- Murphy's Law.

Gorgeous summer pots! Since I didn't plant any new flowers this season due to all my summer travel plans, I love looking at other people's!

Look at this custom made bike! It was in a glass gallery.

Guess where we headed next? Hmmmmm. More to come on Monday! : )


Ann said...

As you said to me, it's great to lunch with a friend--I need to take time to do it more often! Great photos!

jeanie said...

You have some great restaurants in your area. I love the bowl in the first pic.

Isla Deb said...

That bowl of soup is HUGE!! Looks like a neat place. I want that chair...haha!

Moongrl722 said...

I. want. that. chair.

Life's a Beach! said...

Jana and Deb, you'll have to come visit and get your picture taken in the chair! Ann, a couple of us started meeting for lunch or coffee a couple of years ago on a semi-regular basis. It's therapy! Jeanie, we do have lots of wonderful restaurants around here. It helps distract people from the summer heat!