Monday, January 5, 2009

Cowgirls Don't Cry?

Here's a cowgirl who cried every time she was placed on a horse!

And I bet cowgirls always cry when a bandit's got a gun on them! This candid shot from the late 1930's is my mother and a younger neighbor.

Speaking of bandits, Kansas has a LOT of Dalton Gang historical hideouts. That gang really got around. This one's in Meade, Kansas. I put these pictures through the Koshashin generator to make them look older and more authentic.

And I couldn't do a post about cowgirls and bandits without one last showing of Tex. He's really got a big pistol! :)


jeanie said...

When I hear "Save a horse ride a cowboy" I just don't think of Tex for some reason LOL

Life's a Beach! said...

Poor old Tex has some sharp lookin' crusty edges. Ha!