Monday, November 19, 2012

The Morning Beach Report

It's currently raining, but I'm hoping for clearing and daytime temps in the high 70's!  Here's the pictorial report from a few days ago.

The gorgeous sunrise out our back window.

Early morning on Playa Norte.

The welcome wagon.

Cue the yell.  Tarzan's outpost.

A chandelier in the palapa!  I think they were getting ready for a wedding at Maria del Mar.

Maria del Mar beach beds.

Peaceful spot between Maria del Mar and NaBalam.

Boats tied up at the Avalon bridge.

Avalon Cove

House on the Rocks

Stupid tourist trick.  Wheelies on the beach!  I came upon a young couple in a golf cart stuck in the sand.  Fortunately, a friendly jogger stopped to help push the golf cart back up to the street.  Don't do sand!  : )


Anonymous said...

It was so fun to meet you in person last night after lovin your blog for so long. You're everywhere! I'm sitting behind you next to the massage shack and I think you brought a shower with you!! Tarzan is 80 pesos (I only paid 40 last year) so I found a little better deal in front of Ixchel. See you soon. Helen

Life's a Beach! said...

Hi Helen! Really enjoyed meeting you, and yes, I think we brought the rain! That was a short-lived trip to the beach. We headed to the market for a little snack at Poc Chuc! See you again around town!

Ann said...

The chandelier at Buho's went up when they redid the palapa. We watched them put it up! Love the early morning shot on Playa Norte!

Life's a Beach! said...

So it's permanent! Very interesting Ann. Love the contrast!