Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Hodge Podge

Queso Oaxaca man walking down Juarez.  You might say he's the original Cheesehead!

Remnants of better times.

Okay, I wish I knew the story on this boat!  The Lety.  It has its own garden on board.

And is that a shrine to Snow White?

Daytripper with doggie on board.  Saby would definitely see that as an indignity.

 Pink sombrero.

Fun clothesline pic.

Mercado stall.

The postman's new ride.

She still sets up on her corner!


Ann said...

great shots! Can't believe that someone would carry their dog in that thing! Love all the local color!

krisla said...

The original cheesehead...of course! I love it; and I would love to own the 'Lety' myself :-) -kris