Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Juarez

Friday afternoon, we decided to stop by Cafe Mogagua for one of those guilty pleasures -- a mocha frappe.  As we walked south down Juarez, we noticed the policia truck in front.  I told Craig -- your taxi has arrived!  Gawkers on the sidewalk stood waiting to see what was happening.  Two cops, one toting the big gun, got out of the truck and walked south on Juarez with two Asian women leading the way.

Meanwhile, traffic started backing up.  The propane truck lumbered down the street and parked behind the policia truck because it was too wide to pass.  A man and a woman pulled up in front of Mogagua seeking gas.  They hopped out and quickly made arrangements with the propane guy to fill the small red tank they were carrying in the back of their SUV.

Later we heard through the jungle drums that one of the Asian women thought her wallet had been stolen in a shop.  (And I have no idea what the outcome was.)  The kid at the shop across the street was also curious.

Juarez is our favorite street to sit and watch real life happen!  Here are a few other Friday street scenes.

I asked a local man passing by if he would pose for me with his head in the menu board and he just laughed.

Malatero carrying tables and chairs.

Bimbo dog vendor on his way to work.

A ride from the ferry to the hotel.  I missed the first malatero carrying the three kids on a trike.

Slug bug!

Girls stylin' in the blue Chevy!

Here's a new tip.  I often see posts on message boards from people wanting to know if they can purchase used bikes on the island.  The answer is usually check the bike rental shops, but truthfully, those bikes often aren't in the best of shape by the time they're willing to sell them.  Check Ricardo at the Fire Opal on Juarez because he now sells good refurbished bikes.  While we sat talking to him, he sold two.  It's a great option for travelers staying a longer period of time who want a bike for transportation.  

A Norte arrived late yesterday and the wind howled all night.  Glad I brought my rain jacket!


Ann said...

Great shots as usual! Looks like the weather is great!

krisla said...

Hey, could you ask Ricardo how much that bike with the basket is? and if he could hold it til next week? -k
(steve can pick it up for me ! )

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Ann. Actually, a Norte came in late yesterday and it's chilly and extremely windy today!

Kris, I think Ricardo sold that bike and another one on Friday, but still have Steve check. Ricardo's fluent in English, so if you have Steve stop by, he can tell Ricardo what you're looking for and find out what Ricardo has and what the price would be. The girl who bought it bargained in Spanish, so I missed what the price was.

krisla said...

Thanks Beck, for your 'work on the ground' there. ha ha....yes, I will have Steve stop in and talk to Ricardo...(maybe he'll get me some nice jewelry...but, I'd really rather have a bike! :-) -kris

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, I'd also rather have a bike!