Friday, November 23, 2012

Piggies at the Market and Other Isla Oddities!

After three meals here this visit, Craig's decided his favorite stall in the market is now Poc Chuc.  We headed there yesterday morning after our seaglass hunt and couldn't believe the crowd!  A new guy was playing guitar for pesos.

The sign at the third stall actually says Local 3, but you'll recognize the little piggies with Poc Chuc on their puerco butts.

The friendly waiters decided to clown around when they saw me with my camera.

We've sampled quite a bit of the menu.  The guacamole was good, as were Craig's chorizo tacos one day at noon.

  Coca-Cola -- it's for breakfast!

Piggies pose for their close ups.

This appears to be the Poc Chuc altar.  

Love the napkin holders!

Huevos Mexicana

This photo really doesn't do the chicken burrito justice!  Their sign says 'Best Burritos on Isla Mujeres', and Craig agrees!  He's thinking about getting one to go tomorrow morning for breakfast.

The fruit plate!

We head out tomorrow morning for Akumal.  We'll be so sad to leave Isla, but we're looking forward to new adventures.  Stay tuned!

On our way home today, we spotted this Isla icon on the porch at Hemingway's.  Bundle up folks!  I think the squirrels are collecting nuts for the winter!


stillhowlyn said...

Don't you just love the Yucateca pork? And the ruins at Akumal are a nice experience after the craziness of Chichen Itsa and Tulum. I wouldn't be surprised if they now have McDonalds!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog but I especially had to laugh at the comment "the squirrels are collecting nuts"-LOL! Sorry we didn't get to chat...our week flew by!-Sandia

Anonymous said...

BTW- we LOVED snorkeling in Akumal Bay...we stayed at the Akumal Beach Resort [at the time it was a realy low-key, inexpensive all-inclusive]....Sandia

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? I've seen him on every one of my trips to Isla! Such a funny getup!
I'm off to Akumal too this week.

stillhowlyn said...

Don't know where my brain went! I was thinking of our trip to the ruins at Xel-Ha; small and uncrowded. Not Akumal where we rented the house.