Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Akumal Art

I like window shopping (actually, I go inside the stores) the art galleries in Akumal.  The art and handicrafts are a cut above the stuff I'm used to seeing in this part of Mexico.  That being said, the price tags in the galleries are  hefty, but I'm determined to find just a little something to take home with me.

For now, some photos of art in the village will have to do!

The local critters love their drinks!  Maybe if we walk along the road with a Dos Equis, a coatimundi will come out for a photo op.

Mural on the wall of the little convenience store across the street.

Mural on a casa wall down the road.

Exterior tortuga mural on a local gallery.

This old mail box is a work of art.  Buzon!

Casa mosaic on Half Moon Bay.

Wood carving next to Turtle Bay Bakery.

The piece of art is on the left!

 Craig with wooden skeletons at the restaurant down the road.

I'm heading back to Mexic Arte to look around today.  I can't go home empty handed!

By the way, I had to enable the window verification on comments again because I was starting to get a lot of spam.  When I comment on other blogs, it usually takes me two or three tries, so hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Love these photos - and especially the turtle and the last one. The ladies' shirts match the color of the building!!! LOL!


Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Jeanne!