Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Attempt at Freedom

Our first morning on the island, we woke early and looped around the malecon before heading to the seaglass hunt.  Where the malecon meets Playa Media Luna, we discovered the Cuban boat still in place where it crashed onshore in October.

Craig with a birds eye view.

The motor.

 I'm amazed the boat remains in the same place with its contents intact.

Try walking in this man's shoes.

During the past month, I've read two books about life in Cuba.  Waiting for Snow in Havana, by Carlos Eire, accounts Eire's life as a boy in Cuba during the first years after the revolution and his journey to the United States with the Pedro Pan airlift. 

Cuba Diaries, by Isadora Tattlin, is another quick and interesting read.  Tattlin details her life in Cuba during the 1990's when she and her family were transferred to Havana for her husband's job.

I found both books fascinating, especially since I was reading Cuba Diaries when the Cuban refugees washed ashore on Playa Media Luna.  Both books were a reminder of the deprivation Cubans have endured since the revolution. 

We arrived on Isla late last night.  We woke early, walked the malecon, hunted seaglass, took a swim, ate a late breakfast at Barlito, walked to Chedraui, took another swim, ate at Fredy's, cruised Hidalgo, and now we're ready to drop!  

More photos to come!  : )


Ann said...

You were very busy for the 1st day! And covered a lot of ground! Enjoy!

krisla said...

Thanks for those titles on Cuba...I intend to look them up. I have a special interest & hope to get there before long!
Love the recent beach photos... yum!

krisla said...

It is actually amazing that the Cuban boat is still there...what does that say?
will be curious to see if I see it in December... k