Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Polo's Mango Cafe

Last Saturday, we were lovin' some of Polo's great Mango Cafe food!  After dropping off clothes at a laundry in El Centro, we made a last minute decision to hop a taxi and head to the colonias for some Mango.

Plenty of others had the same idea!  When we first arrived, we snagged the only available table.

We started with watermelon liquadas.

And split an order of chicken quesadillas!  They were as delicious as they look in this photo. The consistency of the food at Polo's Mango Cafe never fails. 

After that wonderful food, we decided to walk back to El Centro. Along the way, I snapped a few more photos!

Oh yes it is!

Roof dog alert!

Love this casa!

The Cristal moto.

Love this door and sign.

Colonia fruit stand.

Stopping for a tortilla snack at Mama Lolita Tortilleria.

Do you think we walked off our chicken quesadillas by the time we got home?  I plan on making a repeat trek back to Polo's before we leave! 


Ann said...

I love Mango cafe! Have only been there for breakfast so far. Great shots!

Linda said...

"The Smoking Chair"? Is that anything like the "Naughty Chair" ;-) LOL