Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Bisbee Saturday Farmer's Market and a Jimmy Dog

We've come to this realization before, but it hit home again when we were visiting Bisbee.  What we lack in our current suburban life is a sense of community.  I think that's why we're so attracted to places like Isla Mujeres and Bisbee.  We'd love to live in an area small enough where we could walk to town, hang out at the local lunch counter, catch the town gossip, and just enjoy a more relaxing life.  So we continue our explorations looking for that magical place.

Saturday on our way out of town, we decided to check out the Saturday Farmer's Market in Vista Park in Warren, a small area just south of Bisbee where mining executives originally lived.

The large mansion at the head of Vista Park where the farmer's market is held is Loma Linda Lodge, originally built in 1907 for Walter Douglas, the head of the mine.  And yes, that's a hill of mine slag in back of the mansion.

The streets on both sides of the park are lined with substantial Craftsman style homes built earlier in the 20th century.  I've always wanted a Southwest Craftsman bungalow like 204, but probably not that close to a copper mine.


We arrived around 11:30 a.m. and the market was in full swing.  This woman was providing entertainment while locals roamed through the various booths selling crafts, produce, and food items.  We bought some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to eat while we walked Saby around.  She enjoyed her walk in the park, especially when she saw the dog rescue booth!

It felt like fall when I saw these gourds and pumpkins on the table!

I'll put these cutoffs in the Make a Wish category.  Those days have come and gone!

The tables featured lots of organically grown veggies and fruits!  We have friends from a former lifetime who live about an hour out of Bisbee.  We meet them every trip to catch up over dinner.  In retirement, he's started his own organic gardening operation where he grows and sells his produce at farmer's markets in the area.  He's famous for his mesquite jelly and pickled jalapenos. 

After viewing all that healthy food, we did the direct opposite and headed to Jimmy's for the last stop on our way out of town.  We wanted to give it a try before we left the area.  Take a guess what Jimmy sells, and I don't think they're organic.

I have this odd attraction to vintage Airstream trailers.  I wouldn't want to live in one, but they're just so cute!  Evidently, they use this one as a morning breakfast stand.  Saby and Craig took a seat at the picnic table beside the trailer while I went inside and ordered.  The joint was packed!

We both ordered a hot dog with mustard, relish, onions, and fries (which are definitely on the greasy side).  All for $4.

Unfortunately, Saby didn't get any.  We learned our lesson about feeding her french fries on the last road trip!  The old gal can't handle it anymore.  Here she is hanging at the garbage can hoping some tiny tidbits will hit the ground.

I'd been told Jimmy's only had hot dogs, but that's not true.  I picked up a menu for the next Bisbee trip.

Maybe late October or November (after the scorpions go dormant)?  (Those scorpions weren't the highlight of my trip.)


The Star Gal said...

Just booked my next trip to Isla Mujeres for Valentines Week 2013! Yippee!!!!

Gloria in Virginia

Life's a Beach! said...

Congrats Gloria!!! Sounds like a blast!

Janet said...

Becky, Cal and I say the same thing about Isla, and yet another reason we love it, it has the small town atmosphere like our growing up years. Yes, we too feel the lack of community in the suburbs. Sometimes it's nice to be anonymous, but we like it when we know people when we go out to eat or shop, "shoot the breeze" and just feel that sense of comfort.

jeanie said...

I love small towns. We really enjoy the sense of community since we moved to Crystal Beach. You have to behave though, this ain't Vegas. What happens at the beach is known all over by noon.

drgeo said...

What an interesting green color to the hot dog relish!

Ann said...

I agree with Jeanie--love our small town, but everybody knows your business! But the pros far exceed the cons!

Life's a Beach! said...

Here's an example of how we lack community. We saw six local police cars down a canal road today, with six more on the side of the street as we passed. All had lights flashing. It was about three miles from our house. Our suburb has no newspaper, and the local TV stations are the main Phoenix networks, so chances are we'll never find out what was going down. Some kind of a major bust? In a small town, we'd know before the 5 o'clock news!

Kay said...

You might try to get a community group established for your neighborhood at We've got one for our neighborhood and it's very useful for passing or receiving information about what's going on in the 'hood.