Friday, August 17, 2012

Car Art

What can I say!  First there was the Hillary Clinton car.  I posted photos of it last year.  That's something you'd never see in my neighborhood at home because the opposition would set fire to it or shoot holes in it!

Now there's this.  Maybe we should have a Name that Van contest?

I'm having a hard time categorizing this piece of art.  The sides have a tropical theme brewing with palm trees, fruit, and colorful forms of sea life.

Then an odd conglomeration of gnomes, angels, Santa Claus, Frosty, virgins, owls,  cartoon characters, and other assorted objects march across the roof.  Things we worship? 

The Carmen Miranda rear view mirror?

There's a new piece of quirky around every corner!


Diane Daniel said...

The 'Hil' car belongs to artist Gretchen Baer. And the other one - who's title escapes me at the moment belongs to Kate Pearson.
I hope you are going to have dinner at Cafe Roka some time during your visit! Gretchen is a server there and a really fun lady! Ask for her sexpot ion when you make your reservation.
Also, if you be a chance check out the new Bisbee Royale. It is nearly complete after a million dollar renovation and is now home to some of the best live entertainment in AZ.

Diane Daniel said...

Yikes! I meant SECTION!

drgeo said...

Too bad Craig didn't bring the title to your new car, I smell a trade in the air!

krisla said...

Wow...I missed the Hillary car last year. like it. like her too.
The other is a bit zany...guess it wouldn't last thru snowstorms & crazy weather here, but fun to look at. I think I need to get to Bisbee sometime. -k

Babs said...

I would bet that those cars travel to Houston for the art car parade every year. Over 200 cars from all over the world. It is a "happening" to put it mildly. The creativity lifts your heart........

Ivo Beutler said...

"Things We Worship" sounds good. Hehehe. Yeah, that's a one remarkable car art. The one who made this car is definitely good in combining things and making them look great. That Hillary car is for the win too! :D

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